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Online preparation for the SAT®, the globally recognized college admission test and the most widely used by US colleges. The SAT® tests skills you are learning at school: math, reading and writing.


Online preparation for the GRE®, the most widely accepted test worldwide for graduate school entry. The GRE® tests your skills in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing.


Online preparation for the GMAT® exam, the most recognized test for admission to top business schools and management education programs around the world. The GMAT® tests your skills in analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal.

Why Choose Us?

Subject Expertise

We aren't merely Math and English teachers, we are specialists in getting students through the SAT®, GRE® and GMAT® tests. Our learn modules have developed over 15 years of work with several thousand students who took these tests. The teaching methodology, developed by leading test prep teacher Ganesh Kohli, has time and again helped students conquer the subject matter and produce excellent scores.

Proven approach to learning: We don't believe in using tricks to crack the test. We focus on a skill-based approach that leads to mastery. Our teaching philosophy is based on three key elements - concept, application and strategy.

Understanding Learning Science

Our learning methodologies are consistent with practices in leading institutions in the US: In addition to developing and refining our learning methodology during thousands of hours of teaching, KIC's partnership with, US-based, ACL Systems (www.aclsystems.com), gives us access to leading minds in the area of learning.

The team behind our online learning platform comes from the Ivy League institution, Dartmouth College. Dr. Chris Jernstedt, who is Professor Emeritus at the College, is a leading brain scientist and, in addition to teaching students, is responsible for coaching university professors and high school teachers on how they should approach learning.

KIC Track Record

Over the past 15+ years, KIC courses have helped thousands of students excel in their SAT®, GRE® and GMAT® exams, and gain admission into top universities in the US and other parts of the world.

High Scores: KIC students have cracked the SAT®, GRE®, GMAT® averaging close to the 90th percentile in all three tests.

Admission into Top Universities: KIC students have secured admissions and scholarships to the top universities and programs in the US, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, and many more.

Institutional Partnerships: The strength of the KIC program is reflected in some of the most prestigious institutions inviting us to prepare their students for the SAT test.

Adaptive Software

30 Years of Research: More than 30 years of brain science research has gone in to developing our learning system, and the system is always improving.

Focus on the Student: Our software is built with the student in mind. We want the system to work for you. Our learn modules are structured in such a way to enable you to work at your own pace and review topics that you have not understood fully. Our modules are all interactive, as what you, the student, do will have the greatest impact on how well you learn.

Adaptive Practice: Our practice modules are real-time adaptive and tailor each question to your current level. Over time, the system learns about you and will not only determine what questions to give you, but what level of support you will receive while you attempt them.